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January 2020 - Looking to the Future! Viessmann 200 Boiler.

The new decade is upon us and so is a new way of life - one that is as sustainable as possible. It’s no secret that natural resources are running low and subsequently, we are running out of Gas supplies. Paired with this is the uprise in the housing development. More houses are being built - all of these need heating - but how do we, as Heating Engineers in 2020, keep these houses warm AND help reduce the amount of Co2 we create in this process? [to source/research this further but this is the main point for the intro.]

Let’s start with you, the customer:

HOME TECH! Many of you may be aware that the Government are aiming to be Carbon Neutral by 20... [find out date and source this fact!], and have begun to introduce Smart Meters into households. Personally, I feel that these little devices, despite having one in my own home, do not amount to helping much, other than purely monitoring our gas and electric use. Do not get me wrong - the visual may help some people; you see an amber or red indicator on your screen and you decide to go and investigate what it is that is causing the fluctuation, and I do agree that this helps us to become aware, but where is the device that will actually DO something about this!?

INTRODUCING the Viessmann 200: *Fanfare, applause, etc*.

On the 30th January, I made my way to Telford for a day course on this lovely bit of kit - and its safe to say that personally I think this is one of the most intelligent boilers in the market right now. I came away from this course with my eyes fully open to this boiler and its associated products. I genuinely feel this boiler has the potential to really make some change - and I came home with a real passion and drive to get these introduced into households as soon as possible!

For me, The Viessmann 200, with a stylish design and a [correct term to find please] ‘bright LED interactive touch screen/ display panel’, it stands out physically, so isn’t unappealing to the eye (for any installations that may be visible). But lets get to the real reason that I am putting this at the front against all the other domestic Gas boilers currently available - the Tech!!

At the bottom of the boiler is a touchscreen display panel from which you can easily monitor the boilers usage and settings. The Viessmann is connected to your WiFi, which means that once installed by us at RGW, we can monitor your boiler’s performance, and if necessary adjust it’s settings accordingly. From wherever we are. For the future of your boiler, which if installed by us would have a 10 year manufacturers warrantee as standard, IF any issues do arise, there’s your call out charge GONE just by being able to see what is happening with your boiler from our end! To me - it’s a no brainer. It saves us time, and saves you money.

“New up and coming tech? Well, how am I supposed to be able to afford that?!” Think again my friend …

The underlying thought that you are having is price ... we are all thinking it - brand new gadget on the market - this is going to be costly. I cannot tell you it will be inexpensive, but what I can tell you is we can provide you these beauties on 0% FINANCE! Very exciting stuff! But one we will have to save for the next blog post!

Do let us know if you are interested, fill in our contact form on our website for a FREE quotation, or check the link on our website for more details on the Viessmann 200.

I truly believe in Viessmann and the product that they have brought to the market. Let’s start to make some real change.

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